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Break 'N Bash, LLC

How It All Began

Break N Bash was originally thought of while the 22 year old owner was attending college. The question, “What’s something that helps you relieve stress?” was presented. From here the brainstorming began.
Plenty of people get upset, get stressed, or just have a bad day in general. There are also people out here who just want to demolish things but don’t want the responsibility of replacing items or having to handle the clean up afterwards.
That’s where we come in. You can feel free to take a bat, golf club, or whatever else is on hand to destroy our things. The best part is when you’re done we handle the mess while you leave feeling like a new person, or at least one who has happily smashed some things.
Break 'N Bash, LLC is the first recreational therapy business of it's type to reach the Triad. Break 'N Bash first opened it's doors on September 1, 2018. The company since opening has been featured on public radio and podcasts. Break 'N Bash  is also featured on the Greensboro Visitors Guide website and will also be published in their printed guide for 2019. 
We welcome everyone to come out and share the experience be it for relief of stress or just to see what all the buzz is about. No matter why you visit we just want to make sure you "Have a Smashing Time'".

Bash Gallery

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