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Valentine's Day: A Day of Romance

Every year on the 14th of February sweethearts exchange gift of cards, flowers, stuffed animals and candy to show how deep their love and affection runs for their lovers. Valentine's day dates back to the Middle Ages and is still celebrated world wide.

With all that history being brought forth, we want to bring forth a little gift for you and your boo this Valentine's Day. Everybody knows that St. Valentine's Day is fast approaching and not getting the perfect gift is an absolute no-no! Fear not. We have it covered. Read on.

Get ready for your sweetheart. Since the month of February is for lovers and sweethearts alike, Break 'N Bash is offering Relation Rehab for 25% off. This sale lasts the entire month of February!!!! Wow, this is the sweetest deal we have offered yet!

Come back next week for those promo codes and updates.


Prices only valid for the month of February. Discount will be applied when scheduling appointment. Payment will be due at the time of scheduling. No exceptions. Please don't forget to add the discount because we cannot have your boo blame us for ruining Valentine's Day.

Have A Smashing Time!!

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