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Love February!!!!!

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Love February because we do and Break 'N Bash loves you! There are some exciting things happening at Break 'N Bash and we are sharing the love!

We have coupons available for the entire month of February! Like how exciting is that? Very! You asked for coupons and we brought them to you right here. Just enter your code at checkout.

Break 'N Bash, LLC was offered an opportunity by Cornerstone Charter Academy to be a sponsor. Of course we gladly accepted. The PTO is holding a raffle for a teacher and student to connect outside the classroom. Congratulations to the future winners. We will post their photos as soon as they come in! Thank you, Cornerstone and a special thanks to Ms. Stephanie Allred -CCA-CFA PTO Fundraising Chair! We look forward to working with Cornerstone Charter school and others in the future.

While Break 'N Bash, LLC is a proud to donate our services, we also accept donations. Not only will we accept your donation but we will issue a receipt for your federal tax return.

Of course with every love, there must be a little sadness. As of February 1, 2019, Break 'N Bash, LLC's cancellation policy goes into effect. Please make sure to check the blog for the full terms and conditions of the policy.

As we all know this is the month of love and we want to keep the love flowing. Break 'N Bash has implemented a cancellation policy, effective February 1, 2019. Please familiarize yourself with it. Notably no some situations are unavoidable and notice is now required for a cancellation or reschedule. Please consider that someone else may really need your spot to have A Smashing Time.

Now presenting.......PROMO CODES!!!!!!





Keep in mind that these codes are good throughout the month of February!

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