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Reviews: The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Break 'N Bash, LLC would like to begin by thanking each and everyone of you who has come to our shop to experience recreational therapy. We always want you to Have A Smashing Time!!

Now onto the reviews. Reviews give insight to owners and management insight about where improvements can be made. While we appreciate all of the reviews, as business it is understood that every client will not be happy. So, please consider the following when writing reviews:

Break 'N Bash, LLC is a recreational form of therapy. The idea is we provide:

- a 20 minute session and items for you to break (purchased at a cost to us)

-provide a space for these items to be destroyed (at a cost to us)

- we clean up the mess (at a cost to us).

All so you do not have to go out and purchase items a second or third time after you destroy or clean up.

A few reviewers mentioned the number of items to break and space. Additional items are always available for purchase prior to the session. Sessions can be scheduled for only one person if needed.

thanks for reading and we hope you come in and Have A Smashing Time!!

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