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Have you had a crappy day on the job? Did your girlfriend leave you for the hot guy at the gym? Or maybe somebody knocked the bumper off of your parked car. Do you need a place to vent? Some place to relieve some stress and frustration? Well, guess what! Break 'N Bash, LLC was started with you in mind!

No, we seriously thought about you and all the people like you (and some of us) who want to break some stuff! There are a few problems with that: no one wants to break their own stuff; no one wants to replace the stuff; nobody wants to clean up their mess. This is where we step in! Welcome to the newest form of recreational therapy. We provide a controlled environment for you to relieve your frustrations. You can come to our place, break our stuff and we will clean up behind you! Aren't we the awesomest!!! Thank you. Thank you!

Now that you know a little about what we do and the thought behind the company we would like to invite you back to our blog for updates in the future. Here you will find current and upcoming events, Break 'N Bash, LLC News, marketing and promotional information, and photos. We welcome your feed back and participation. While all criticism is welcome, we ask that everyone be respectful of Break 'N Bash, LLC, blog writer and/or moderator, and other Breakers (that being you).

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